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Lora Leigh's Candy co.

About LL Candy Co.

& Toy Boutique

Lora Leigh's Candy Co. presents our patrons with more than just toys and candy. We Provide a unique experience! Where else can you go to relax on a sofa and enjoy a scrumptious treat? Is there another toy store where playing with the toys in encouraged? Have you found a magical place to hold a party that will work for you? Lora Leigh's Candy Co.'s whimsical seating allows time away from the frenzy of life. Our toy merchandise is out and available for children to touch and explore to their heart's content. The enthusiastic staff will ensure your next party is a remarkable event! If you are looking for a breath taking venue to experience childlike wonderment again and again, come see us at Lora Leigh's Candy Co. You will not leave without a smile on your face and joy in your heart!

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